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Rare Wave-Like Clouds Over Virginia Mountain Look Like Van Gogh’s Famous ‘Starry Night’

72 Philadelphia Officers On Desk Duty As Racist Facebook Posts Probed

Congress Briefed On Classified UFO Sightings As Threat To Aviator Safety, Navy Says

These New Laws Help Rural Black Families Fight For Their Land

Democrats Jump To Joe Biden’s Defense After He Touted Working With Segregationists

Key NRA Official Suspended From Job After Lawsuit Says He Joined In Coup Effort

Dangerous Situation Unfolding For Kids At Texas Border Detention Site, Lawyers Say

Fight Over Oregon Climate Change Bill Erupts In Chaos After GOP Walks Out

Rhode Island Approves Bill Protecting Abortion Rights


Google Investing $1 Billion To Fix Bay Area’s Tech-Driven Housing Crisis

Google announced Tuesday that it’s investing $1 billion in developing more housing across the San Francisco Bay Area, where the rise of wealthy tech companies has helped fuel one of the country’s biggest affordability crises. The tech giant, one of the main companies targeted by Bay Area housing activists, plans

Boeing CEO Admits ‘Mistake’ Made With Embattled 737 Max Jets

PARIS (AP) — The chief executive of Boeing said the company made a “mistake” in handling a problematic cockpit warning system in its 737 Max jets before two crashes of the top-selling plane killed 346 people, and he promised transparency as the U.S. aircraft maker tries to get the grounded

Massive Target Register Outage Causes Confusion At Stores Nationwide

Chaos descended upon checkout lines in Target stores across the country when what the company said was a technical glitch triggered register outages for hours on Saturday. The widespread register failure snarled weekend shopping for thousands of customers. Target spokeswoman Danielle Schumann said the outage was caused by an “internal

UAW Loses In Second Attempt To Unionize VW Plant In Tennessee

The United Auto Workers suffered another painful defeat Friday when production workers at a Tennessee Volkswagen facility narrowly voted against joining the union. The election was the second in five years at the Chattanooga plant, where employees rejected a 2014 bid by the UAW, 712 to 626. This time, the vote was 833 to

Boeing Reports Zero New Plane Orders For Second Straight Month

Boeing has reported zero new commercial plane orders for May ― the second month in a row that the world’s largest plane-maker has announced such an abysmal order tally.  Boeing’s order and delivery totals have plummeted since its 737 Max jet was involved in the deadly Lion Air and Ethiopian


‘Glitch’ In GOP Tax Law Comes Back To Bite Trump Megadonors

A clerical error in Republicans’ 2017 tax overhaul could end up giving Las Vegas casino workers the leverage they’ve been looking for in a long-running and bitter labor dispute. The owners of the ritzy Palms Casino Resort are asking Congress to patch up an apparent oversight in the Tax Cuts

Supreme Court Rules 40-Foot Cross On Public Land Does Not Violate Constitution

The Supreme Court ruled that a 40-foot World War I memorial in the shape of a Christian cross on Maryland public land does not violate the U.S. Constitution. The justices held that the First Amendment’s establishment clause, which bars the government from unduly favoring one religion over another, does not

Ava DuVernay Isn’t Surprised Trump Won’t Apologize To Central Park Five

Director Ava DuVernay didn’t expect President Donald Trump to apologize for urging the execution of the five teenagers known as the Central Park Five, more than 30 years after they were falsely accused of raping a jogger, as dramatized in her Netflix miniseries “When They See Us.” “It’s expected,” she

GOP Strategist Urges Democrats To Tackle Trump’s ‘Tidal Wave Of BS’ Immediately

Veteran GOP strategist Rick Wilson on Tuesday pointed out one of the biggest problems Democrats must face up to “very quickly” during the 2020 election — President Donald Trump’s ability to lie, and lie rapidly. Wilson warned on MSNBC’s “The 11th Hour with Brian Williams” that Trump will “spout a torrent,

GOP Pollster Appears To Blame Hotel’s Broken Elevator On Socialism

A Republican pollster’s bizarre attempt to blame socialism for a broken elevator at a privately-owned five-star hotel in Vienna saw what one person on Twitter joked was him “getting publicly owned.” Frank Luntz was widely mocked Tuesday following his complaint about the Hotel Imperial, which culminated with his plea: “Please don’t bring