vegans be like breakfast: berry smoothie lunch: veggie wrap with hummus and fresh pressed juice dinner: beyond burger, fries, an entire package of oreos, three taco bell bean burritos, spicy sweet chili doritos, sour patch kids, and a pint on nondairy ben & jerrys ice cream — C🥑LLIN Ⓥ (@collinrenfro)Read More →

When we think of the fundamental dishes that comprise Southern cuisine, classic treats like fried chicken, homemade biscuits and silky grits immediately come to mind. However, the South features a plethora of lesser-known regional food specialties, and they’re largely designed to serve at parties, gatherings and barbecues, all giving aRead More →

Sweet tea is a staple beverage in the South all year round, but is particularly prevalent during the hot days and nights of summer. Though some may think sweet tea is synonymous with iced tea, I’ve learned the hard way that this is not always the case among certain partsRead More →

Every hardworking person in America deserves a drink. But because time is a precious commodity, it can be tough to whip up something cold, alcoholic and refreshing. But now you don’t have to. America’s finest booze innovators have begun to sell ice pops filled with wine, spirits and a tonRead More →