When Carla Naumburg found herself losing her cool with her kids again and again (and again) and not feeling especially good about any of it, she looked for help. Her Google search for “how to stop yelling at your kids” on a particularly tough night didn’t yield a lot ofRead More →

Having a baby is an expensive and challenging life event, but the extent of the difficulty can vary depending on where you live. A new report from the personal finance website WalletHub ranks the best and worst states to have a baby, based on metrics like hospital delivery charges, infantRead More →

Losing a parent feels insurmountable at any age. Our series helps you face it ― from the practical logistics to the existential questions about death and dying today. When a parent receives a terminal diagnosis, it can instantly sweep you into caretaking mode ― chauffeuring to doctor appointments, picking upRead More →

me to my first kid: OMG YOU’RE WALKING *tears* oh the places you will go me to my second: yayyy rockstar!! me to my third: whoa slow down there, what’s the rush lmao me to my fourth: *discreetly knocks him over* dude I just sat down for the first timeRead More →

Kathryn Hahn is no stranger to the world of parenting media. The actress starred as single mom Carla in the “Bad Moms” movies, she’s the author of a kids’ book called “My Wish for You,” and most importantly, she’s the mother of two children herself. Hahn and her husband, actorRead More →

Will Ferrell has an opinion or two about parenthood. The comedian and his wife, Viveca Paulin, have three sons, Magnus, Mattias and Axel. Since becoming a father in 2004, he’s shared his jokes and wisdom about the parenting experience in a variety of interviews. In honor of his birthday, we’veRead More →

When a new mom struggles with breastfeeding, doctors, lactation consultants and well-meaning (if overbearing) loved ones tend to have a lot to say. “How’s the latch?” “What positions have you tried?” And increasingly: “Have you checked for a tongue-tie?” Diagnoses of tongue-tie — which basically means the band of tissueRead More →