Women on social media have rightfully had a lot to say about abortion, using hashtags from #youknowme to #ShoutYourAbortion. But as anti-abortion legislation moves forward in several states, men who’ve supported a partner through the abortion process are speaking up too. Read through the tweet replies to #youknowme, for example,Read More →

Setting the mood for sexy time involves a little effort: Slipping on some lingerie instead of the raggedy old tees you usually wear. Getting the lighting just right. And of course, putting on a little mood music. A few months back, we delved into what makes a good sex playlist:Read More →

There’s no shortage of articles online and in lifestyle magazines about dating red flags: If she’s rude to the waitstaff or your Uber driver, it’s a big red flag. If he spends half the date talking about his “crazy ex,” run for the hills. We’re all well-versed in the warningRead More →

Sexless marriages, though rarely discussed openly, are more common than you might expect. In fact, Google searches for “sexless marriage” are three and a half times more common than “unhappy marriage” and eight times more common than “loveless marriage,” making it the most-searched marriage complaint, data scientist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz reportedRead More →