Netflix keeps making me angry. The company has canceled a Netflix Original show that I love seemingly every month of 2019. It stings every time, but it hurts even more when the shows earned massive critical acclaim and seemed like surefire candidates for renewal. I never would have guessed NetflixRead More →

This week, Netflix adds three movies that have stars and will likely be widely watched, but all three haven’t exactly earned critical acclaim. The non-Netflix additions “Self/less” (2015) and “The Punisher” (2004) both critically flopped upon release. That Netflix is adding a Marvel movie with “The Punisher” should be aRead More →

Stephen Colbert isn’t buying President Donald Trump’s latest excuse for restricting immigration.  The Trump administration expanded its “public charge” rule, making it harder for anyone receiving any form of government assistance (a person who could become a “public charge”) to obtain legal permanent residence status. Trump defended the move asRead More →

The U.S.-Mexico border is violent It certainly is in some places, but those don’t tend to be on the U.S. side. In fact, <a href=”″>El Paso, Texas and San Diego, California are the two safest cities in the country</a>, according to Congressional Quarterly. <a href=”″>While Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer hasRead More →