“You’re such an inspiration.” That’s what a young woman said to me at a recent networking event. She’s a journalism student and an aspiring writer who follows my work and wants to one day tell stories that matter to her as a Black woman, just like I do. I graciouslyRead More →

The ketogenic diet isn’t new. But over the past few years, it has emerged as one of the most popular and polarizing ways to lose weight. The eating plan has many people slashing their carb intake and loading up on healthy fats in an effort to reach the holy grailRead More →

The worst reaction I got when sharing news of my breast cancer diagnosis and impending double mastectomy last year was from a neighbor, who texted me this awkward but well-meaning flub: “Well, at least you’ll look even skinnier now!” It’s since become just an amusing anecdote — faint background noiseRead More →

Terri Cheney, a 59-year-old writer from Beverly Hills, has lived with bipolar disorder for the majority of her life. When a wave of depression hits ― a hallmark symptom of the mental health condition ― she says she feels as if she’s got a bad case of the flu. SheRead More →