NEW DELHI — A year ago hundreds of Indian women took to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to share accounts of sexual harassment they had experienced at the hands of powerful men. Many of these testimonies were shared by anonymous social media handles to protect the survivors of assault from reprisalsRead More →

The ladies of Twitter never fail to brighten our days with their brilliant and succinct wit. Each week, HuffPost Women rounds up hilarious musings of 280 characters or less. Scroll through this week’s great tweets from women below. Then visit our Funniest Tweets From Women page for past roundups. obsessed withRead More →

Melinda Gates has committed to spending $1 billion over the next 10 years to promote gender equality in the U.S.  Gates, the wife of businessman Bill Gates, announced her commitment to “expanding women’s power and influence in the United States” in an essay for Time magazine published Wednesday morning. TheRead More →

Think deciding to run for president is the gutsiest decision Hillary Clinton ever made? Nope. The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, whose book “The Gutsy Book of Women,” co-written with daughter Chelsea, went on sale Tuesday, revealed her gutsiest choice on “Good Morning America.” “I think the gutsiest thing I’ve ever done, well, personally, makeRead More →

Hi, readers! I’m Aurora, an editor based in HuffPost’s New York office. In the coming weeks, I’ll be bringing you stories focusing on the experiences of women across the world. Today, we’re highlighting stories from the HuffPost U.S. Hispanic Heritage Month series, which spotlights Latinx trailblazers. “I’ve been discriminated againstRead More →