Here’s The Deal With THAT Leopard-Print Skirt That’s Everywhere Right Now

For reference, here’s what it looks like ― you’ve probably seen it while scrolling through Instagram or while walking down the street:

Now it’s everywhere, as evidenced by the Instagram account @leopardmidiskirt, which features paparazzi-style photos of people wearing various versions of the flared skirt. The skirt appears to be especially popular in New York, but various iterations have also been spotted in Chicago, Atlanta and the United Kingdom. Even Selena Gomez has it.

Naturally, the Réalisation Par skirt, which sells for $180, seems to be the one that started it all ― and subsequently spawned a thousand knock-offs. You can find similar versions at fast fashion retailers, including Zara and Forever 21, and online shops like ASOS and Shopbop.

We’ve scoured the web to find a few more options to save you time. Below, find out where to get your own leopard-print midi skirt.

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