These Were The Most Popular Baby Names In Every State In 2018

Baby name trends can vary by state and region, but there are certainly overlaps.

The 2018 data shows that the top three names for girls in the U.S. ― Emma, Olivia and Ava ― also dominated on the state level, taking the No. 1 spot in the highest number of states. Meanwhile, the No. 1 boys’ name nationally ― Liam ― was the top pick for boys in the highest number of states, but Oliver, which ranks No. 5 in the U.S., was the top name in the second-highest number of states.

Some interesting outliers were Aurora, which ranks at No. 44 nationally but was the top name for girls in Alaska last year, and Grayson, the No. 1 name for boys in South Dakota but No. 32 in the U.S. as a whole.

Check out the maps or the dropdown menu below to find out which names are the most popular picks for baby boys and girls in your state.